Art and Gifts

Kathryn Neale
glassCuts, designs and make all of her glassware. The glass is cut and fused at high temperatures in a custom-built kiln, and hand polished . Each piece is unique. Kathryn’s glasswork includes; window hangings cheeseboard, clocks, and coasters.


Alison Strachan
paintingIs an artist and designer based in Auchtermuchty,
Fife. Alison loves colour! her paintings are available in
‘flowers’ and ‘animals’ and also mounted
giclee prints.


Keli Clark
Is a well known artist in Edinburgh and East lothian, Keli’s works are unique, wide and varied and, her prints include birds, animals and faeries.

“Un lugar acogedor y a comida excellente! GRACIAS”

Marianne, Misiones, Argentina….