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Kathryn graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 and has her glassmaking studo in Thornton, Fife.

Each individual piece of glasswork is hand cut and polished by hand and has its own unique style.

The glass is cut and fused at a high temperature in a custom built kiln. Kathryn uses bright vibrant colours that reflect her beautiful personality. She is an intelligent, gifted and bubbly young artist who brings her unique style to the fore front of her design.

Her work is affordable and is a popular choice for a gift in the shop

We use Suki Tea in Julia’s because the Fairtrade tea has a great flavour and is popular with our customers.

The Suki Tea company started in a small farmers market in Belfast March 2005, and are now a multiple award – winning company.

The teapots are a great seller as they come with a life guarantee.

You can,t beat the taste of fresh leaf tea,furthermore there is no mess with the tea leaves as the strainer holds the leaves together.

We sell Breakfast Tea or Organic Earl Grey Blue Flower.